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Map of the Wealthiest Person in Each State. Who’s in Your State? Note for a lecture, "E Pluribus Unum? What Keeps the United States United"

We talk a lot about income inequality here at BNR, about how the top 1 percent of households in the U.S. have more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined. Now, thanks to Vox steering me to the real estate blog Movoto, we have a map showing us the net worth of America’s elite in each state.

According to Forbes, the United States has more billionaires than any other country in the world, with 442 wealthy elites having a combined wealth of $1,872.5 billion. I can’t even wrap my mind around that much wealth. The average fortune of each of the 442 billionaires in the U.S. is $4.2 billion, and two states — California and New York — claim around 111 of the billionaires.
You can see by the map below there is a ton of money stuffed into the pockets of a very few.


The elite acquired their vast wealth by either earning it or inheriting it. Approximately half started businesses to acquire their wealth, while the other half inherited their wealth — as with Sam Walton of Walmart’s heirs, Jim (Arkansas), Alice (Texas) and Christy Walton (Wyoming). Their combined inherited wealth is $107.7 billion.


Bill Gates is the wealthiest American with a net worth of approximately $80 billion (Washington) and Warren Buffett (Nebraska) comes in second at approximately $70 billion.

Regardless of how they came into this money, the wealth disparity between the average American and the mega wealthy of our nation is glaring.
H/T: Vox, Movoto

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