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Hypothesis: Fake American Civil War 2 Geopolitical Outcome - Note for a lecture, "E Pluribus Unum? What Keeps the United States United"

DrFaulken January 13, 2009, journal.drfaulken.com

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article discussing a theoretical collapse of the United States in 2010. Igor Panarin presented his theory in 1998, and cites mass immigration, economic collapse, and moral decline as key triggers to a second American civil war that will fragment the US into four pieces, with Alaska going back to Russia and Hawaii ending up in Japanese or Chinese hands.

Here’s what Panarin’s theoretical United States region would look like, post second American civil war:
Now, there are a few things I agreed with right off the bat, like California being the dominant part of the “California Republic,” and Texas forming the core of the “Texas Republic.” However, anyone who has ever been to both New York state and South Carolina will know that these two areas would never ally with each other in the event of a split. It’s hard enough getting the people of Northern Virginia and the rest of the Commonwealth to agree on things; trueblood Southerns and Yankees will kill each other instantly.
So, it got me thinking. What would the US-region look like after a second civil war? Here’s my map:
I wrote a big ol’ breakdown of the different nation-states and why the aligned this way versus that way, etc. I was going to post it up along with my map, but when I explained it to my co-workers they all looked a little something like this:
so I will probably hold onto it for another time. ;)
Anyway, what do you think? If the US were to collapse, how would you align the states?

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