Sunday, June 14, 2015

American English -- An edited Facebook note

John Brown Am a patriot, but at the risk of being investigated by the FBI, may I note that today's "American English" consists increasingly of the verbal tic "like" and the unbearable "global fry," which I consider the raping of women's delicate vocal chords to make these delicate part of their anatomy supposedly more "tough/masculine" (for whose benefit, I don't know). I won't preach about the violence done to our language by social media, etc.; my only point is that our language is increasingly less a means of significant "communications" -- e.g.: consider the never-ending, meaningless Bullshit you have to put up with:: "like," "you know what I mean," "whatever" ... the global fry list is endless.-- but hey, we really have nothing to bull-shit about, female fried or not ... -- that's the real rather sad, meaningless message.

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