Thursday, June 18, 2015

"It [Russia] annexed the Ukrainian region of Crimea, not all of Ukraine" -- Correction from "the newspaper of record," the NYT:

Via a very sharp observer of Russian-Ukrainian relations, GA.

From: E.U. Agrees to Extend Economic Sanctions Against Russia, ANDREW HIGGINS; article from the "newspaper of record," The New York Times:
"Correction: June 17, 2015 [:] An earlier version of this article overstated the area that Russia annexed last year. It annexed the Ukrainian region of Crimea, not all of Ukraine. Get news and analysis from Europe and around the world delivered to your inbox every day with the Today."

Ukrainian "horilka" vodka; image from

[JB Comment: Evidently Mr. Higgins could not enjoy, due to current circumstances, a little drop of horilka, while writing his piece, to quiet down his hallucinatory mind (well, ok, blame his copy editors, if such creatures still exist).The below from
It has been frustrating, in the last few years, that pure Ukrainian pepper horilka has almost disappeared. There is a rather pleasant honey-pepper variant which is very popular (Nemiroff is widely available), but while I am told that pure horilka z pertsem is still available, it is very difficult to find. I’ve only managed to find, in Kyiv’s Borispil airport duty free store, Kozatska Rada Pepper. While acceptable, it isn’t, to my mind, the same as the original. Bayka also has a pepper version apparently as do other brands. You can do a google search and easily find them virtually, but in Ukrainian stores not so well.

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