Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Facebook entry on Hillarious Clinton and her extravagant speaking fees at U.S. universities

via LH on facebook

For the first big speech of her 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton turned a little-known strip of New York into a serene summertime autocracy, pleasant and creepy at the same time.
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  • John Brown When one considers how much the U.S. university system's "lumpen" -- grad students teaching essentially for nothing (e.g.

    The speech contract reveals for the first time many of...
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  • , doing the pedagogical job of "busy" well-paid, tenured professors); adjuncts with families working for slave wages; needy, indeed middle class students, enslaved in debt upon paying thousands of dollars to "get an education" -- the "honorarium" Hillarious has been getting for opening her mouth at our Institutions of Higher Learning is, quite simply, a scandal. (e.g. She should return her speaking fees to all universities where she has uttered words at exhorbitant expense, with the stipulation that it be spent on increasing funds for scholarships for deserving students (both graduate and undergraduate) and with donated money also spent to increasing the miserly "salaries" of adjuncts. That would be a "true" expression of the "spirit" of the so-called "Clinton Foundation."

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