Sunday, March 19, 2017

A follow-up on Hell-icopter noise over the Imperial Capital

Follow-up on a previous posting:

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Today, on a key day for the "March Madness" college basketball championships, noisy helicopter overflights over my modest apartment in NW, Washington DC decreased considerably -- so far as I could tell (or should I say hear).

I've been for months trying to ascertain where where hell-ip raucous is coming from, despite months of calls, e-mails, research.


If only we noise-conscious NW DC citizens trying to earn a living by working at a home/office could be blessed by "March Madness" every day of the year so that our productivity "go up" (as they say) ...

Plezz ... Can those using (abusing) ear-busting helicopters could quiet down, if only by watching more basketball games? I'm speculating.

I resort to irony given my failed efforts, as I mentioned above, to solve  (understand?) this heli-ear-busting noise issue after contacting for months on numerous occasions federal/DC agencies about the thunderous helicopter flights over our neighborhood in America's capital.

No real reply.

And, guess what, just as I finished writing this blog (8:31 pm. 3/19/2017), the overflights began again, with intensity ...

Calls to various agencies resulted in the usual response "call this-that-agency [but not the one you're calling]. Of course, no explanation for the noise coming from which "agency."

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