Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Overwhelmed by "narrative" -- the word ...

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If I sound like a high school (college? - what's the diff) student who didn't turn her/his homework on time, I beg your forgiveness. And I [remember the "excuse" -- the dog ate my homework] (but I do have a blog:) ) ...

I've been hoping to produce a piece on the use (overuse) of the inside-the-beltway (and increasingly outside the imperial capital as well) mot du jour (pardon the French) -- "narrative" -- but am simply overwhelmed by how frequently it is used on a daily basis.

Here's the blog I've been keeping on the word, trying to keep up with it, if that's possible.

I do hope to put an article together on this (for me, now quite unbearable) buzzword, so often used as a political/intellectual excuse for not "telling it straight."

The article would simply say how, in recent months (years?), the (once "literary") word "narrative" has been used/overused (taken over?) by the "thinking"/"not-so-thinking" USA class to (guess what?) lie.

Am, of course, not assuming that you are breathlessly awaiting such an article ... :)

Most people have more serious things to do than worry about the overuse of a word.


A question to Russian friends: What's the best Russian word for "narrative"?

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