Friday, March 3, 2017

Moscow-based commentator Mark Teeter on Predatory Kleptocracy (from Facebook)

Mark H. Teeter added 3 new photos.
49 mins
PREDATORY AUTHORITARIAN KLEPTOCRACY. Well, yeah. And the New Great America's Here To Help!
"From Trump’s Washington to the Capitals of Europe, Corruption is Russia’s Greatest Ally" (Mark Galleotti)…/from-trumps-washi…/

--> "The steady drumbeat of Russian contacts with Trump’s team on one level should not surprise. The Russians – like most real and wannabe global powers – assiduously network...This is, however, a case study of the way that the dirty little vices of modern democracy serve as a force multiplier for predatory authoritarian kleptocracies....[The] greatest security threat is not Russian tanks or Russian disinformation, it is our own corruption – and the ways Russia seeks to use it. "

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