Friday, February 24, 2017

Hell-icopter noise over the imperial capital ...

[The below JB e-mail message slightly edited for clarity]
Eastern Region Helicopter Council

Robert Grotell

1:10 PM (5 hours ago)
to me
Dr. Brown,

Per our recent conversation, I contacted the Helicopter Association International who will be looking into your issue. I'll get back you with their findings.

Best regards,
Robert Grotell
Eastern Region Helicopter Council

Robert Grotell (robert@planenoise...17 more (15 Bcc)
Dear Mr. Grotell,

Thank you so much for getting back. Much appreciated. FYI, below a link on one of my blogs re the helicopters' noise.

The below blog entry (February 9, 2017) contains a copy of a 2015 letter, kindly provided by Congresswoman Norton's office (Ms. Dudley, copied on this message), that was sent under the Congresswoman's signature to the FAA Administrator re 'copter noise over Washington D.C.

My above blog entry on the 'copter noise thus far has gotten 353 "hits." Granted, not an impressive statistic by mass social media standards, but not to be ignored given that the "guilty" person responsible for this blog (yours truly, with his low name recognition, is not exactly a "front-page" personality).

Far more importantly, the considerable grassroots reactions re DC 'copter noise as indicated by the hundreds of persons who clicked on the above blog entry suggest how many citizens of our city treasure the relative "peace and quiet" of our neighborhoods -- and who do hope to be spared of eardrum-crushing hell-icopter fracas.

And perhaps even more importantly, what are these intruding thunderous retro flying machine overflights over ordinary citizens' homes actually doing/achieving in the 21st-century? 

With best wishes, and thank you again for your professionalism/concern, John Brown 202-363-7208

FYI. My efforts to reach the FAA directly by telephone re the DC 'copter noise have thus far led to a recorded-messages dead-end.

2:49 PM (33 minutes ago)
to me
Thank you for your email. I'm currently out of the office and will be returning on Monday, March 5th.

For urgent matters, please email Evelyn Fazio at Otherwise, I'll respond to voicemails and emails as soon as possible upon my return. Thank you.

Best regards,


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