Monday, February 27, 2017

Moscow-based observer Mark H. Teeter - Russia From Reel to Real

MOSCOW TV TONITE: Russia From Reel to Real
Настоящее – прошедшее. Временный комитет у руля революции/The Present Is the Past: The Provisional Committee at the Helm of the Revolution. (Documentary. Russia,2017)(Kultura,18:45)
--> Here we are at the 100th anniversary of the February Revolution, a critical series of events in modern Russian civ that was tenaciously misrepresented by Soviet historiography for most of the last century – which means that much of today’s TV audience still has little notion of what actually happened and what it meant. Kudos to Kultura for bringing a comprehensible vision of 1917 1.0 a step closer with this documentary, which combines critical images of the time (photographs, documents, newsreels, press) with critical analysis from our era (5 historians from various institutions).
How important is this Kultura beachhead on the shore of the actual Russian past? Probably half the people in your Metro car still think of “Ten Days That Shook the World” and “Lenin in October” as representations of what took place here 100 yrs ago. Yikes.…/moscow-tv-round-up-big-stars-b…
27 февраля 1917 года (по старому стилю) состоялось вооруженное восстание в Петрограде.…

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