Saturday, February 11, 2017

Scholar/linguist Teeter (Moscow-based) on "History of Post-Factualism"

Mark H. Teeter (via Facebook)
9 mins
Sociology 315. HISTORY OF POST-FACTUALISM (3 units) Prof. W. Smith. Class of 1984 Memorial Bldg, Rm.101
[From course syllabus] ".. and continued with the regular use in the media of photographs, film and video that were not factually related to stories they were said to illustrate, such as the substitution of an actor (A. Baldwin) parodying a head of state for a picture of the actual head of state (D. Trump) -- and nobody giving a sh#t because there really was nothing, when you thought about it, more "factual" about the legitimacy of the latter over that of the former, who was in any case a genuine actor."
Dominican newspaper El Nacional on Friday printed a photo of Alec Baldwin doing his impression of President Trump on "Saturday Night Live" in an article about Trump and Israel. 

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