Monday, February 6, 2017

Moscow-based American thinker Teeter on why the USA and the Russian Federation get along (vechnaya druzhba) ... :)

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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Renowned Liar calls Renowned Killer a killer -- and Renowned Killer, suddenly All Offended, demands an apology from Renowned Liar! Jeez, that's *hilarious*. Ahahahaha -- ow, my side is hurting. Hold on a minute, I have to wipe my glasses here.
"Russia Wants Fox News Apology for Calling Putin 'a Killer': "Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov lashed out at Fox, calling O’Reilly’s remarks “unacceptable and offensive.”
Ahahahaha -- "unacceptable and offensive"?!? Has Peskov been on the moon since 2014?!? Oow, there it goes again. C'mon, stop, this really hurts!…/vladimir-putin-russia-fox-news-b…/…

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