Monday, February 27, 2017

The Oscars - Sloppiness-as-a-sales-pitch? (a Facebook comment)

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Pardon my conspiratorial mind (blame it on spending a U.S. Foreign Service career in Cold-War/post-Cold War Eastern Europe) but I can't help but think that the "mistake"/screw-up at the Oscars ceremony (which I stopped watching after 30 minutes, out of sheer boredom) on who "really" won the "best-movie" nomination was carefully planned to "liven up" (i.e., keep the Tee-Vee audience suddenly electrified after a dull spectacle moving at dinosaur speed) -- and make the advertisers happy (hopping, speculating?) that the populace would stay glued to their minuscule/huge screens, take your size choice (not to speak of the next-day not-paid-for-media headlines brouhaha "follow-up" on "what went wrong with the stars").
I of course fully stand to be corrected.
But perhaps the "we screwed-up" event, if indeed "fake" (to cite the mot du jour), may signify a certain cultural shift in these, our dear United States of America -- that we Americans, instead of claiming (aiming for?) perfection, now glamorously revel in our inability to do/get "anything right."
Food for thought? Or just junk mind-food justification for watching yet another Tee-Vee "reality" show (press conference?) à la USA commander in chief?
Well, of course, in all fairness to Hollywood, I bet most Americans know (or should know?) the perfect line from Austria/Hungary-born genius Billy Wilder's Hollywood Marilyn Monroe film, Some Like it Hot: "Nobody's perfect."
And then we also have ever-popular M*A*S*H (Still aired on U.S. TV) ...
Although I feel somehow that these two meticulous works of artistic craftsmanship (Wilder/M*A*S*H) might not quite fit into the mood/mold (sloppiness-as-a-sales-pitch?) of our current USA mass entertainment era/error ...
On a positive note, the future does look bright for mad unemployed poets, a rapidly diminishing breed. :)
According to President Trump, much more money should be coming to the Pentagon, and doubtless its managers will be looking for any kind of creature to hire to "justify the budget."

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