Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Trump’s United American Emirate - Note for a discussion, "E Pluribus Unum? What Keeps the United States United."

Thomas L. Friedman, May 31, 2017, New York Times

Merkel is just the first major leader to say out loud what every American ally is
now realizing: America is under new management. “Who is America today?” is the
first question I’ve been asked on each stop through New Zealand, Australia and
South Korea. My answer: We’re not the U.S.A. anymore. We’re the new U.A.E.: the
United American Emirate [JB emphasis].
We have an emir. His name is Donald. We have a crown prince. His name is
Jared. We have a crown princess. Her name is Ivanka. We have a consultative
council (Congress) that rubber­-stamps whatever the emir wants. And like any good
monarchy, our ruling family sees no conflict of interest between its personal
businesses and those of the state. ...

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