Saturday, May 20, 2017

A contrarian view on wind power?

Below an  informal note (slightly edited) to an admirable, dedicated advocate of "clean" wind energy:

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Thank you for your note. I do worry re wind power for four reasons (1) How does it "impact" (to verbalize an awful mot du jour) the delicate atmospheric wind circulation
(has anyone done serious research on this?); simply put, will it change where/how the winds flow, with perhaps undesirable ecological consequences? (remember the dams; when they were constructed, how many engineers "imagined" their impact on water flows/the environment?)? (2) What do "wind farms" do to flying creatures (angels included :)) (3) the sheer ugliness of these mechanical monsters on the landscape (they look like creatures from the illustrations/the flick version of War of the Worlds; see above) (4) What about the products mined/excavated to produce the windmills -- how much damage does this process cause to the environment (not to speak of workers digging up the materials)?

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