Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Facebook query on the "liquidation" of Russian ...

    A query to Facebook "Friends" (friends -- talk about an overused word-- if there ever was one -- by the essentially anonymous "social" media; true friendship of course goes far beyond exchanging messages on USA-controlled (?) cyberspace.
    Tocqueville: in America, "the bond of human affection is extended, but it is relaxed." http://johnbrownnotesandessays.blogspot.com/…/key-quotation…
    FYI, The main reason am on FB is to get news/comments -- in the Russian language, a language I've been trying to learn for some 50 years -- from perceptive Russian citizens (and yes, the Russian government as well) on their country and the world.
    But in recent weeks on FB am no longer receiving the original Russian text from Russian "friends"/sources -- rather, in incredibly vulgar/idiotic machine (what else can it be labeled) "English" translations (without my ever asking for them) -- although I can click on to the original Russian text.
    To FB, non-native Russian speakers admirers of the language of Pushkin having to endure "machine strangulation" -- Have you experienced the same kind of linguistic vulgarity (some hysterics would say "imperialism)?

    richard-hooker.com "I confess that in America I saw more than America; I sought there the image of democracy…


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