Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Martial - Marshall: A plea for help from the kind readers of this blog

From a Facebook entry:
Question to the very knowledgeable persons on Facebook:
Would you know if President Trump referred to the Marshall Plan during his current overseas visit? I ask (after unsuccessful searches on the Internet) because the Washington Times reports that "The former secretary of state praised Mr. Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia Sunday that called on Muslim nations around to globe to 'drive out' Islamic extremists, but argued that education and jobs are the big-picture answer to combating terrorism. 'What we need is not a martial plan for the 20th century, what we need is a new plan for the 21st century,' Mr. Kerry said." (Is it unfair to the WT that its correspondent didn't know the difference between "martial" and "Marshall"? Well, ok, Marshall was a general ...)
NB. Note the following, also from the WT: "President Trump can and should adopt a Marshall Plan to reshape the hearts and minds of children indoctrinated by extremists. He can begin by directing the Departments of State and Defense to devote a small portion of U.S. aid toward helping these children value religious freedom for all."…/terrorism-fight-requires-…/

Former Secretary of State John Kerry blasted the Trump administration during a commencement speech Wednesday at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of…

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