Thursday, May 11, 2017

Эти бедные селенья ... These poor villages ... (well OK, USA russkii movie fans -- maybe it reminds you of the ve...rrr (roll the Russian "r") train scene in Anna Karenina, da? :))

Image from a recent Newsweek article on "medical trains" in Russia, with caption: "Priest Igor rings the bells [on the medical train] before the chapel service starts on November 11, 2016; the article notes that "Russia’s public health care service has been in dire need of modernization since the Soviet Union’s collapse. Its services have dropped to last place out of 55 of the world’s most developed countries, according to a 2016 Bloomberg index, and a study last December by the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Russia’s health care on par with that of the developing world."

Федор Тютчев [tyutchev]
Эти бедные селенья,
Эта скудная природа —
Край родной долготерпенья,
Край ты русского народа!
Не поймет и не заметит
Гордый взор иноплеменный
Что сквозит и тайно светит
В наготе твоей смиренной.
Удрученный ношей крестной,
Всю тебя, земля родная,
В рабском виде царь небесный
Исходил, благословляя.

(English translation)

These poor villages, this sorry nature!
Long suffering is native to you,
land of our Russian people!

The proud foreign glance
cannot comprehend - would not even notice! -
what shines secretly through
your humble nakedness.

Burdened by his cross,
throughout your length and breadth,
in the rags of a slave, the Heavenly King
has walked, blessing you, my native land!

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