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How do I stop facebook from automatically translating my Russian-language text "translations"?

Google "elucidation" via Dr. IL forwarded by a kind email [JB comment on the below "information": "Stop making sense"!]

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Liba Waring Stambollion
Sharing & Connecting · Nov 28, 2013 ·
How do I stop facebook from automatically translating my text?
I use Facebook in English but i speak several languages. Facebook incorrectly translates it and it is driving me
crazy. Anyone know a cure?
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Mark Scott Smith
Try this: right click "automatically translated" under the phrase, then click "never translate this language"
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Mudith U Wije
Avinash Bhujan
To disable translation for a language when you are viewing a post, simply click on "Translated from
". You should see a pop­up from which you can choose your translation options.
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Alfredo Morales Pinzón
Click on "automatically translated" and then on "never translate this language". Use normal "left click".
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Suzanne King
where is the automatically translated link please
Genyphyr Novak
Or it could be a Firefox add on in which case you need to go into Firefox and DISABLE the module ­
should be under the Tools menu "Add ons" ­
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Maxwell Archer
From the globe in the top bar on FB, I chose settings, and scoured all of the settings to try and
eliminate other user's access to my data and app data. Not sure if this blocks Google, Bing, or FB's
poor translations. Basically when I travel to Japan and post bilingual posts describing places I visit,
people are going to see a bunch of nonsense that makes me sound illiterate and/or crazy, just plain
stupid, or possibly drunk. Not happy with this aspect of FB which seems to have changed recently.
Liba's Question
Marc Antony Pablo
Simple Steps:
1. In Chat (anyone) right click, choose translate to english
2. Then a window will pop up, you will see there"Show Original" Click that
3. Done.
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Kise Ryouta
i love you bro
Genyphyr Novak
Or it could be this ­
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Kelly Snider
I don't have one either.
Paul Russell
The problem is not with FB, it is with Google Chrome. Chrome is automatically translating the page. Got to
Settings>Advanced Settings (at the bottom)> Languages and uncheck 'offer to translate pages.'
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Simon Quiros
(on a mac) Alt+clicking on Automatically translated shows the Never translate option
Gwyneth Perrier
I just right click on the sentence that it kept translating into English and selected "Translate into English"
(even though it was already translated), and then instead of translating it, I clicked on "View Original" and
then it reverted back.
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Shakira Dyer
to Muhammed Ijaz ­ sorry for calling you Ahil. Also there may be different characters you need,
especially if writing in Persian, Chinese or another non­English character set. There are Unicode
characters you can access by holding the CTR and typing numbers. Google search 'Unicode
Character Set. '
Sunny Lyngdoh
Click (NOT right­click) on "Automatically translated". You'll get the option you need. Facebook is translating
the text; it's not your browser.
the text; it's not your browser.
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Genyphyr Novak
Try this ­ ?
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Zoltán Nyíri
There is no Bing Translator in my settings neither in my apps.. >( Help please! (I did it first quickly
because I knew what I was looking for, but when I couldn't find it a followed it step by step..and same.
No such thing there)
Tejas Sharma
Simple... Just click on translate to English one more time. You will see a small pop­up type window on top.
There will be an option "Show original text". Click on it. Bingo!! (Done on Google Chrome)
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Tejas Sharma
When you've translated something from English you can see a translate Icon in the address bar
before the star icon..Click there again to see the original text..Anyways you will have to do it again
and again after translations..There's no other way out.
Jeanne Rejaunier
I had the same problem, solved it thanks to FB help community a few months ago, now can't remember
anymore what I did. However, I will say that all these translation programs leave a lot to be desired. You
can't rely on them. They are helpful for languages you don't speak that might give you a generalized idea
of what a meaning is, and you will then see how bad the English translation is. But don't send out any
results, because they are always inaccurate. Even the simple "look up a word" features are too often
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Shakira Dyer
What these translation services do, is they often translate literally. I suppose one way to stop this is to
develop a program that: 1) looks at the words surrounding one word, before it translates it. 2) finds
the part­of­speech that the word is in, before translation. For example, my word 'finds' was supposed
to be a verb. A translator may think it is a plural noun. To do this it would have to do 1). Although I'm
saying it simply, it must be harder than we think, otherwise programmers would be programming this
Martin Malm
None of here suggested versions did'nt work. For me helped when i changed in general settings my whole
fb language to my native language. I rather would use programs in english but seems in here its
impossible. The most weird thing about this problem is that I used facebook at night and everything was
okay, when i went to sleep, i left everything open, as i always do and when i woke up in the morning,
everything was changed... ?? and that's not the first time when fb makes my settings himself and makes
everything was changed... ?? and that's not the first time when fb makes my settings himself and makes
me hope, that someday, somebody will make a good alternative to this snooping social media.,
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Shakira Dyer
Be careful. You left everything open ­ someone could have hacked. Not sure, but just for security log
Felipe Dias
They forcing us to consume their "translation product" so we can`t remove the feature. Consuming this,
even if it doesn`t work good now, will force us to help to improve for them. Very evil @Mark.
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Shakira Dyer
FB should use plugins or at least a few algorithms from other translators such as Bing or Google*
(better to share than reinvent the wheel). However, improving fb's translation product can only be a
good thing ­ its if they think "the people are using it, lets NOT improve it" that's the problem. (*And
actually Google's conjugation power isn't always that great either, IMHO mostly good for short
sentences, or general gists. Can't translate literally)
Mädään Pünäm
its not working if i am selecting automatic it translate the complete page as per my profile name language
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Jenny Vilify
None of these fix it.. it is so frustrating.
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Shyju Simon
i speak english language but i have some friends they are from different country , i want to chat with them
their own language , i will type english i want to translate to french or portuguese like that ,can help me
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Julia Paul
I use Google translate when I need to, FB uses Bing which is pretty poor.
Monica Farling
I keep clicking "Never translate," but posts are always still translated. Facebook, do us the respect of
believing if we have friends who speak other languages, there's a chance we might speak those languages
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Bryce Belcher
I have the same problem, chatting in both Czech and English ­ FB was translating my friends' messages to
English (really badly, cause we use slang), but then I sent my son 4 messages in 4 different languages,
and he said they arrived as the original language. So the problem is on the intake it seems. But this string
still hasn't solved the problem of HOW TO TURN THE STUPID FEATURE OFF. Anyone come up with
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