Sunday, January 22, 2017

The President Who Buried Humility - Note for a discussion, "E Pluribus Unum? What Keeps the United States United."

Donald Trump’s inauguration heralds a new age of arrogance and says something sad and scary.

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Frank Bruni JAN. 21, 2017, New York Times

He does as he pleases, expectations be damned, and indeed the most striking
aspect of Trump’s transition was an absence of humility. Although he owed his
Electoral College win to just 77,000 votes in three states, and it was clouded by
questions about James Comey and the Russians, he didn’t bother much with
outreach to adversaries or appeals for unity
. ...
From: Hannah Booth, "‘He loves to show off’: photographing Donald Trump," The Guardian
I shot him and Melania at home in 2014, and she has her legs wrapped around him. It’s just so way out there – I mean, she’s the future first lady. Can you imagine Pat Nixon or Mamie Eisenhower doing that? I said, “Melania, why don’t you get on that table?” and she did. It’s not done with any slyness.

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