Sunday, January 15, 2017

Teeter on "Some Like it Hot" in Russia

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MOSCOW TV TODAY: Classic There, Even Classic-er Here
Some Like It Hot/В джазе только девушки (USA,1959)(Doverie,17:05)
--> Russians love this American movie, naturally, since it plays to 3 of their staple perceptions of True Americana: gangsters, jazz and Marilyn Monroe. Ah, but how *much* do Russians love this Billy Wilder comedy classic? Ahem: more than Americans, that’s how much! Sure, “Some Like It Hot” has been voted the best comedy of all time in various US polls (incl. the American Film Institute's in 2000); but its sky-high English-language viewer rating – 8.3/10 on the IMDb site – is actually eclipsed by the 8.5 that Russian fans give it on KinoPoisk. In Moscow, “Hot” is even hotter.
It’s a classic, of course, because the humor is (a) universal and (b) doesn’t fade through repeat viewings. Put otherwise, Tony Curtis taking off on Cary Grant is always funny, and through some wonderful alchemy, it's as funny in Russian as it is in English! No joke (as it were) -- tune in and see!

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