Monday, August 10, 2015

Trump and Sanders -- "phantom candidates"?

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Given that "reality-Tee Vee" defines politics in the USA today (forgive the generalization), I cannot but think that Trump and Sanders are "phantom candidates" to assure the prolongation of the Bush-Clinton dynasty, each part of the dynasty "sticking up for the other" for public amusement while making it sure the dynasty (whoever wins for only four years) stays in power, with the "deal" that the other will sooner or later.

The "deal" is, of course, to be"officially" broken, with Ivanka and Chelsea soon to be in battle of who is to be the Queen-to-be.

Ivanka and Chelsea can be our century's new princesses (future queens/ "presidents,"when they fight it out entre famille), biological products of America's sexist presidents/aspiring presidents:

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