Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Man who saved the world: A Facebook entry (edited)

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51 years ago today, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, second-in-command Vasilli Arkhipov of the Soviet submarine B-59 refused to agree with his Captain...
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  • John Brown I remember the Cuban crisis from my high-school days. Was then in a boarding school in New Hampshire (St. Paul's School, Concord, NH), not far from (so far as I could tell) from a nearby Air Force base (but I actually never saw/visited the base; maybe it did not exist). "Fourth-form" friends and I could hear planes flying, evidently south, to Florida. I expressed my fear -- I can't think of a better word -- of what would happen if WWIII started. One of my friends, now a very successful stockbroker, told me: "John: Don't worry -- they know what they're doing in Washington." Thank God we Americans are optimists!

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