Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Beginning of Putin's [Long-Lasting?] End? -- from an edited Facebook entry

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Российское правительство утвердило порядок уничтоженые “санкционной еды” – то есть, товаров, ввоз которых в страну запрещен в рамках введенного в августе прошлого года эмбарго. “Уничтожение проводится любым доступным способом с...
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  • John Brown This piece could be from a Russian version of the Onion. If not, it could be the beginning of the end (a long one?) for Putin & Co. To paraphrase someone who put it so well (and I am taking the liberty of generalizing from his comment), Russians are far more concerned with what's in their refrigerator (even if from "the West") than what's on their Tee-Vee (even if from the vozhd' Same in the USA, I'd say, with slight variations: "Hey, where's that product I want!" Riots in all-American supermarkets ensue ...
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