Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Ottomans and Cultivating Tulips

From: Hugh Kennedy (Professor of Arabic at the School of Oriental and African Studies,  University of London), "Peacock Angel," The Times Literary Supplement (May 15, 2015), p. 28:
How can any dispassionate observer of the contemporary Middle East not lament the disappearance of the eighteenth-century Ottoman Empire, when the rulers occupied themselves with collecting ancient Arabic books and cultivating tulips
image from, with caption: This miniature shows a tulip being displayed at a public ceremony. Daily life in the Tulip Era is analyzed in “Ottoman Tulips, Ottoman Coffee.”
and their subjects lived together, if not exactly in harmony, but at least in tolerance and, by and large, restrained many urges they might have had to slay their neighbors and exterminate their beliefs?

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