Thursday, May 21, 2015

Propaganda is Essentially for the Propagandists Themselves (Facebook entry)

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(photo credit: G. Pisano) On Hardball tonight, Chris Matthews interviewed ex-CIA Deputy Director (and Acting Director) under George W. Bush, Michael Morrell. Here...
  • John Brown The real problem (in my modest opinion) is that the Bush 2 "team" had convinced itself through its own crude propaganda that it was telling the "truth." (And is not propaganda, at its worst, essentially propagandists convincing themselves, above all, that their propaganda is the "truth"?) Meanwhile, hundred of thousands people have died in Iraq-- including our courageous men and women in uniform. And for what? Dubya? Dubya "catapulting the propaganda"?

    George W Bush succinctly explains his job.

On my leaving the U.S. Foreign Service in opposition to the planned war in Iraq, see my note to Secretary of State Powell, which his office never bothered to answer. Also, let's not forget the contemptuous role of tenured Stanford professor Rice in this idiotic adventure.

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