Saturday, May 23, 2015

Facebook entry on American-Russian relations from a historical perspective

On March 12, the rector’s office canceled a professorship opening at the school. Ivan Kurilla was the sole applicant for the position. A historian of U.S.-Russian relations, he arrived from Volgograd University on a temporary contract in February. On March 25 he was informed that his temporary contract was canceled. The position was opened in error, he was told, and an administrative review determined that existing staffers could manage the teaching workload.

Faculty dismissals stir controversy at Smolny College, hailed as a radical departure from Soviet teaching
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  • John Brown Ivan Kurilla is a highly esteemed scholar in the field of American-Russian relations from a historical perspective. FYI, In the late 70s I had the privilege of working with the also great scholar N.N. Bolkhovitinov and Russian and American colleagues on a U.S.-USSR volume on early American-Russian relations. Re Nikolai Nilkolayevich: "Bolkhovitinov initiated a U.S.-Soviet project to publish the most important archival documents on Russian-American relations. The result of his efforts was the publication of The United States and Russia: The Beginning of Relations, 1765–1815: Collection of Documents, editors N.N. Bashkina, N.N. Bolkhovitinov, J.H. Brown et al. (Washington, D.C., 1980).

    Image from; a Russian-language edition of the volume also appeared 

    Bolkhovitinov played a major role in the compilation and preparation of the collection of documents for publication" from

    On October 1, 2008, the scholar known among his American colleagues during the Cold War as “the best Russian friend...
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