Sunday, May 10, 2015

Join the Sinning (sorry, Singing) Men in Ukraine ...

April 20-May 1, 2015
Singing Men of North Central Texas members and their Mission Partners are now registering for the six chapters of Singing Men of Texas' evangelistic concert tour to Ukraine. As in the four previous missions the Singing Men are teaming with evangelist Michael Gott to sing and preach the gospel in the largest venues in the country.  In the four previous missions we have seen over 14,000 written commitments to Jesus Christ.
Mission Partners will hold important roles in the mission. The Publicity Team will help spread the word in the cities we visit by handing out invitations and making sure materials are available for all members of our group.  The Greeters will welcome those attending the concerts, and give out programs/pens as the concert-goers arrive, and collect decision cards and give out recordings and Bibles as they exit the building. Two Prayer Teams will pray during the concerts for those who do not know Christ.  One team is in the concert venue, while the second team is interceding by name for the lost in another part of the building. They take turns in those two places every other concert.
Mission Partners may go to to find the Ukraine Mission Trip Itinerary and Registration Forms.
The M.S. Dneiper Star (ship) will provide our transportation, hotel and dining.  Total cost of the ship/land is $1,950.  In May 2015 the air cost will be announced. The airlines will not give cost of flights until one year before departure.
If you have specific questions about the trip, not answered by the website, please contact us through this website, and we will respond to your questions.

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