Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review and the genius of the "free" U.S. social media

The genius of the "free" U.S. social media never ceases to amaze me. Some time ago -- I'd say over a year -- my modest blog, "John Brown's Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review" (PDPBR) became verboten

on the internet.

It just disappeared, under that title, from cyberspace!

Having served as a U.S. Foreign Service officer, mostly in Eastern Europe during the Cold War, and thus somewhat familiar with idiotic forms of censorship (intentional or not), I managed to successfully overcome this above-mentioned all-American - Google/friendly form of censorship (if it can be honored by such a label) by posting the PDPRB as an item in my other Google blog, "John Brown's Notes and Essays."

So far, so good; the PDPBR appears to be circulating in cyberspace under that new, innocent "Notes and Essays" designation. But now that Google has dropped its "Google blog" search, the PDPBR has become a rarity, sparing busy persons of yet another form of "news."

Friends (to use that over-used word) -- Enjoy the information vacuum!

P.S. Speaking of being amazed, have you ever tried to contact a real human being at Google? This "communications" enterprise seems to abhor direct contact with "flesh" persons ... I've tried for months attempting to reach social media guru Jared Cohen at Google -- but never had the courtesy of a reply.

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