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The Oxford Handbook of Propaganda Studies: Contents

The Oxford Handbook of Propaganda Studies
Edited by Jonathan Auerbach and Russ Castronovo (2014)

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Table of Contents

Introduction - Thirteen Propositions about Propaganda - Jonathan Auerbach and Russ Castronovo
Part I - Histories and Nationalities
Chapter 1 - The Invention of Propaganda: a Critical Commentary on and Translation of Inscrutabili Divinae Providentiae Arcano - Maria Teresa Prendergast and Thomas A. Prendergast
Chapter 2 - Brazilian and North American Slavery Propagandas: Some Thoughts on Difference - Marcus Wood
Chapter 3 - A World to Win: Propaganda and African American Expressive Culture - Bill V. Mullen
Chapter 4 - Literacy or Legibility: The Trace of Subjectivity in Soviet Socialist Realism - Elizabeth A. Papazian
Chapter 5 - Narrative and Mendacity: Anti-Semitic Propaganda in Nazi Germany - Jeffrey Herf
Chapter 6 - The "Hidden Tyrant": Propaganda, Brainwashing, and Psycho-Politics in the Cold War Period - Priscilla Wald
Chapter 7 - Roof for a House Divided: How U.S. Propaganda Evolved into Public Diplomacy - Nicholas J. Cull
Chapter 8 - 'Thought-Work' and Propaganda: Chinese Public Diplomacy and Public Relations after Tiananmen Square - Gary D. Rawnsley
Part II - Institutions and Practices
Chapter 9 - Instruction, Indoctrination, Imposition: Conceptions of Propaganda in the Field of Education - Craig Kridel
Chapter 10 - Books in the Cold War: Beyond "Culture" and "Information" - Trysh Travis
Chapter 11 - "The New Vehicle of Nationalism": Radio Goes to War - Michele Hilmes
Chapter 12 - Built on a Lie: Propaganda, Pedagogy, and the Origins of the Kuleshov Effect - John MacKay
Chapter 13 - Propagating Modernity: German Documentaries from the 1930s between Information, Instruction and Indoctrination - Thomas Elsaesser
Chapter 14 - "Order Out of Chaos": Freud, Fascism and the Golden Age of American Advertising - Lawrence R. Samuel
Chapter 15 - Propaganda and Pleasure: from Kracauer to Joyce - Mark Wollaeger
Chapter 16 - 'The World's Greatest Adventure in Advertising': Walter Lippmann's Critique of Censorship and Propaganda - Sue Curry Jansen
Part III - Theories and Methodologies
Chapter 17 - Propaganda among the Ruins - Debra Hawhee
Chapter 18 - Jacques Ellul's Contribution to Propaganda Studies - Randal Marlin
Chapter 19 - The Ends of Misreading: Propaganda, Democracy, Literature - Sara Guyer
Chapter 20 - Propaganda vs. Education: A Case Study of Hate Radio in Rwanda - David Yanagizawa-Drott
Chapter 21 - Dissent, Truthiness, and Skepticism in the Global Media Landscape: 21st Century Propaganda in Times of War - Megan Boler, Selena Nemorin
Chapter 22 - Propaganda in Egypt and Syria's "Cyberwars": Contexts, Actors, Tools and Tactics - Sahar Khamis, Paul B. Gold, and Katherine Vaughn

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