Monday, September 22, 2014

Facebook exchanges on the Secret Service

The Secret Service, caught flatfooted, now wants to keep the American people even farther away from "the people's house." Wash Post: "How about locking the front door?" Yes, the front door was... open.
The U.S. Secret Service is now considering new measures to keep people further from the White House.
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  • Max Cacas I hear they are bringing in Stephen King to consult on a transparent dome...
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  • John D. Delmar Back in Lincoln's time, anyone could walk up and speak to Lincoln directly...
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  • Max Cacas Remember all the supporters of Andrew Jackson who crashed the White House for a post-Inauguration party, and trashed the place? All his pals from the Battle of New Orleans/War of 1812 came to town and partied it *down*... 
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  • Susan Dana Kennedy All of the above.
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  • Alvin Snyder Did security adjust, when that part of Pa. Ave. jammed with pedestrians, after vehicular traffic was banned?
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  • John Brown My favorite story about the Secret Service, embellished by time and my poor memory: In my first Foreign Service posting (London, 1981, by computer error -- they got the wrong John Brown) I was having lunch at the Embassy cafeteria with a cultivated lo...See More
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  • Geoffrey L. Garfield With the high tech available to POTUS, why are there not motion detectors covering the campus, especially when the President is in the back boarding Marine One (helicopter)? And what were those snipers on the roof doing with their time? This is yet ano...See More
  • John Brown As a former Foreign Service officer who served mostly in Eastern Europe for some 20 years -- and who has no pretension of having any expertise in "security" -- but who had to deal with (like the rest of my Embassy colleagues) with Secret Service "advance teams" for high-level visits, I was constantly struck by (a) the ignorance of the SS members about local conditions (not to speak of local languages) (b) their condescending attitude toward the security forces of the host country (the SS attitude: "our way or the highway") (c) their loud, indiscreet behavior in public places (e.g., restaurants) -- not exactly the best way *not* to advertise that they were SS (d) their tactless "taking over" embassies to suit their "needs/requirements" (evidently the embassy existed to be "at their service") (e) the fancy lodgings that they enjoyed while "being on duty" away from the USA (i.e. expensive hotels and, I assume, generous per diems) (f) indiscretions of a non-family nature which I witnessed but would rather not mention -- indiscretions which have been documented in relatively recent articles on SS behavior in Latin America.
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