Saturday, September 20, 2014

Climate change and evolution

Below a reaction from yours truly to an entry by a Facebook friend on climate change:
What strikes me about the whole climate change debate is that (judging, from my unprofessional view of the unreliable, immensely debated historical record) climate change is the norm, not the exception. But, arguably, the current climate change is humankind-produced, thereby making it different, more drastic from previous climate changes caused by let's say, asteroids. But, I cannot but help to note, had there not been climate change, dinosaurs, rather than we minor forms of bipedalism, would be "ruling" the earth.

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But then (again) the future, judging from the fuzzy historical record, is bright -- we primitive bipedatists

Image from, with caption: An ostrich, the fastest living biped

will be replaced (thanks to our contributions to climate change) by another "evolution-created" specie. Long live the universe and its evolution!

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P.S. Question: Who/what "evolutes" evolution? Survival of the fittest (God forbid)? Or is that the wrong evolution-stranded humankind question to ask?

See also, Not-So-Intelligent Design: Evolution’s Worst Ideas: An interview with the author of WTF Evolution?, a book and blog on the oddities of nature -- and on the supposition that evolution, whatever it may be, is not a particularly "rational" process.

Evolution -- devolution? After all, who's better, bottom line, a "man" or an "ape"? --  could the existence of personkind be the mightiest screw-up of the All-Mighty, assuming she's kind enough to exist?

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