Friday, September 12, 2014

European/American separatism: Facebook exchanges

RT obviously linking separatists in Scotland/Catalonia to what's happening in Ukraine. Not to be totally dismissed. I sense a reaction in Europe to centralism, be it from the traditional nation-state (include Ukraine in this category?) or the "modern," Brussels-based "integrating" EU. I'm no prophet, but the same thing is arguably happening in the USA -- in some ways the tea party is an indication of this anti-centralism phenomenon, along with local efforts to divide up existing states of the union (e.g., northern California should become "Jefferson"). Of course, we all know: "Don't mess with Texas." 

The Spanish government has always denied a Catalan entity, but Scotland will pave the way for democracy and the right to self-determination in the region, Anna...

  • Marie Ciliberti Scotland referendum may have some interesting repercussions. Basques? Siberia? Look how prosperous Hong Kong & Taiwan became away from China. Should be interesting.
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  • John Brown Things fall apart/the center cannot hold [for better or for worst, [if I may pretentiously add to a great poem] ...

On thing I neglected to  mention we Americans (to quote Gore Vidal, "The United States of Amnesia" get along -- we don't rem

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