Saturday, September 20, 2014

A thought on NFL players and domestic violence

Sure, if you look at porn movies you won't become a sex maniac. Sure, if you read the Old Testament you won't sacrifice your son. Sure, if you you look at constant car ads on Tee-Vee you won't give up walking. And sure, if you read the New Testament you won't want to crucify anybody.

But I simply cannot help but make a correlation between the senseless violence of professional American football -- players maimed, beaten, brutalized by one another -- and the domestic violence (as reported by the press) of some NFL players.

Cause-and-effect between playing professional football and beating up women? Of course, very hard to prove. But worth a minor thought.

A final minor thought: Aren't the rent-a-body NFL "cheerleaders" the ultimate proof of NFL female humiliation (none dare call it violence ...) ?

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