Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans Say It’s ‘Everyone For Themselves’ In The U.S. - Note for a discussion, "E Pluribus Unum? What Keeps the United States United."

By Grace Sparks, Ariel Edwards-Levy [original article contains links],

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Most Americans look around today and say the national mood is “everyone for themselves,” [JB emphasis] according to YouGov/Economist tracking polls. That 65 percent is up 15 points since President Donald Trump was inaugurated in January.
Fifteen percent judge the mood more positively as “We’re all in it together” ― that’s down 7 points since January ― and 20 percent aren’t sure.
Compared to other metrics, there’s not much of a partisan gap. In the latest poll, Democrats, at 70 percent, are the most likely to say it’s everyone for themselves. But the majority of Republicans and independents agree, at 61 and 63 percent, respectively.
There’s somewhat more of a divide along the lines of the 2016 vote. Seventy-five of Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton think it’s everyone for themselves, but only 59 percent of those who voted for Trump say the same. ... 

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