Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Facebook comment on NFL (the American professional football league)

via SR-B on facebook [edited entry]
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Colin Kaepernick says, " I have made my decision I will not be participating in this organization called the NFL anymore they don't value what I stand for so I ...

John Brown Question to USA sports fans, of which I am: Is the NFL a modern-day version of slavery -- athletes being sold and bought, granted at an exorbitant salary (how much of it goes to their agents/handlers?) ... 

Is the whole "professional sports" industry a total "entertainment" (better put: interment /internment) racket that gives "team owners"/the mass media $ millions so that the overweight American masses (let's face it America; we need to lose pounds before we buy another pizza online -- I should know, especially when I look at myself -- when I dare -- in the mirror).  

Can we be "subdued" (or better put, spend our money by buying stuff/crap we don't really need) by watching mass media "sports"? -- what your average Joe [whoever she is] is really watching -- not athletic competition [in the "best" sense of the original Olympics, if such a "best sense" ever existed[, but ads, ads, ads).

Given how little professional [what a misused word!], college football "sport" is actually shown on Tee-Vee when compared to  endless "buy this, buy that" messages, how do we united (for now) Americans tolerate this buy these/that" interruptions/ incantations by TV's favorite phrase. as follows:  -- 

"And now we'll take a break [JB -- a break from what? Life?] for a word 'from our the sponsor.' "

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