Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Facebook ruminations re the admirable Ukrainian people ...

Unpopular President Petro Poroshenko is consolidating power instead of pushing rapid change


John Brown But, my dear J [...], you have been supporting "Ukraine" as a state for years (If I understand your brilliant comments correctly), without -- dare I say -- taking sufficient notice of the historical realities -- that 20th-century USSR-created Ukraine is an entity -- not only as it muddles along in the present but failed so tragically in the past under different incarnations -- that has been brutally ruled/dominated by local vampires/ foreign empires at enormous cost/suffering to the courageous, tough, and cultivated people living in that vast, amorphous geographical "border land." Bottom line, though, from a USA "national interest" perspective, it's not up to the U.S. arming/ "training" "Ukrainian" troops (only one in six Americans can find Ukraine on a map [http://time.com/.../only-1-in-6-americans-can-find.../
]) to "fight" the Russians to assure that the people living in the Poroshenko-chocolate-"amusement" park will be assured of their welfare/safety/prosperity... It's up to the admirable people of that "space" themselves (if they wish so themselves) to end the exploitation that they have endured for centuries -- without modern-day Varangians (US, EU, you name 'em) coming in to "save" the "suffering Ukrainians" -- foreign "outsiders"/experts (sometimes, but not always, well-meaning but all too often dreadfully ignorant of local realities), "missionaries" shamelessly (and willingly, given that in many cases they are paid to "help Ukraine" by Western funders) used by some politicians/vampires in the Kiev government as sacrificial lambs to "spare" them (the vampires, who totally mistrust their fellow "Ukrainian" vampires -- it takes one to know one) of their own failures/corruption. Such "get-the-outsider-to-fix-our-policies" domestically and internationally won't do the trick -- and, above all, are not in the U.S. national interest, when we imperfect American selves have a lot more to worry about, in terms of our country's priorities, than a (granted geographically vast) corner of Europe, however exceptional its population (rather than its sleazy, blood-thirsty dracula-like "leadership"). Best wishes as always, john

J [...]John, I think you may be making a number of false assumptions about my position on Ukraine.

John Brown J [...] -- Am just trying to make sense of this Russ-Ukrainian mess, which perhaps (over ten years ago; mind you, am no prophet)) could have possibly been avoided. Please correct my assumptions. best, johnhttp://fpif.org/options_for_ukraine/

The Ukraine should seriously consider the option of working with all parties involved in its current…
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