Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why all this stuff about weed?

I'm always amazed by America. At the very same time that upper-crusty clean-living health purists (think Rocky Mountain High) condemn booze and nicotine, they are saying weed is ok.

Well, ok. Let's keep kids out of jail for smoking/selling a joint.

But I bet you that the next generation will discover -- as was the case with alcohol and cigarettes -- that weed ain't that good for you, especially for your lungs if inhaled.

Thank you Bill Clinton.

A historical pattern: Citizens want to get high with a new mind-enhancing substance -- (think gin/vodka); the "forbidden" substance is condemned by the State; the State recognizes that this substance (taxed) can provide revenue; the substance is legalized; the opinion-making well-meaning citizens, many of them former users, start to worry the substance may not be that good for you; the substance is then eventually banned/limited by the State.

Meanwhile, I'll have another glass of red wine.

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