Thursday, January 9, 2014

historic vs. historical

Disagreeable English - From the Vocabula Review, via WB byemail

historic [:] Disagreeable for historical. * Imperiled by habitat loss, invading species, and other known and unknown dangers, up to a third of U.S. amphibians have disappeared in part of their historic ranges. USE historical. * Maps and graphics on the site focus on the historic changes the District has undergone from 2000 to 2010. USEhistorical. * The stock market reached historichighs this month. USE historical.

Historical means 1. relating to history. 2. concerned with events in history. 3. used in the past. Historic means having importance in history.
But he makes clear recent weather events can't be described as unusual by historic standards. -- The Oklahoman
Equally annoying is using an before historic and historical: an historic event, an historical dress. The article a is correct before historic and historical so long as you pronounce, or aspirate, the h, as you very likely do.

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