Sunday, January 19, 2014

USC: A laudable evolution from propaganda research to gastrodiplomacy


Introducing our Winter 2014 Issue: Gastrodiplomacy Public Diplomacy Magazine Editors, USC Center on Public Diplomacy 


USC Looking To Sell Their Old Mid-Century Communist Propaganda Research Building - "Via the LA Conservancy comes word that USC wants to kick their Cold War-era registration building to the curb. Designed by USC grads Thornton Laddand John Kelsey in 1963, the two-story, steel, post and beam structure—nicknamed Red Square—was originally built to serve as the university's Research Institute on Communist Strategy and Propaganda.

While the asking price is nowhere to be found in the property's offering memo (pdf), the fact sheet notes that prospective buyers must submit offers by February 28, 2014, and that the successful bidder will be responsible for relocating the 5,050-square-foot building off campus by April 30. However, 'property relocation assistance of $25,000 is available to a qualified buyer.'" Top image from; below Image from entry

I can't help but say, as a strong supporter of  USC, that it turn its former Propaganda Research Center into a Gastrodiplomacy Center -- gastrodiplomacy a term popularized by an admirable USC Center on Public Diplomacy grad, Paul Rockower.

 Bet you McDonald's would be interested in funding such a project.

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