Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Evidence of U.S. Public Diplomacy Effectiveness: Putin Propagandist Dmitry Kiselev's all American-paid trip to the USA

Dmitry Kiselev Is Redefining the Art of Russian Propaganda: Nobody exploits basic human insecurity and fear quite like Putin's favorite TV host - Joshua Yaffa, "Watching hours of his show leaves the viewer with the exhausting impression that no one is objective, everyone is compromised, and anyone who attempts to make sense of what is happening in Russia and the world must be serving one side or another."

Макфол: Дмитрий Киселев принимал участие в программе Госдепа США ([Former Ambassador to Russia Michael] McFaul: Dmitrii Kiselev Took Part in a USA State Department Program - Илья Шепелин  [Il'ia Shepelin], "По сведениям Slon, Дмитрий Киселев в 2010 году ездил в США по программе Госдепа, его поездка полностью оплачивалась американской стороной. 'According to Slon information, Dmitrii Kiselev traveled to the USA in 2010 under a State Department program; his trip was fully paid by the American side.'"

Needless to say, I stand to be corrected on the accuracy/translation of the immediately above item.

Also, at the risk of pointing fingers, and if, in fact, this was the case, who "decided" on sending this sleazeball to the Land of the Free, on a "free" trip paid for by struggling USA taxpayers, many of whom can't even afford paying taxes? Was the purpose of the money used to redefine the "art of Russian propaganda"?

Image from New Republic entry with caption: If Kiselev has one particular skill, it is that of the prisposoblenets, a person who senses exactly what is required of him and uses that knowledge to maximum advantage.

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