Friday, November 4, 2016

The Financial Genius of Internet Entreprenooooors

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Of course, the aim of Internet Financial Geniuses/entrepreneurs is to make online content -- produced by "ordinary" people bitching with their "opinions" (hey, who really cares what they say, so long as it fills the screen) -- cost-free to the Geniuses, thereby providing advertising companies with "content," free of charge to the Geniuses ... sure cheaper to the Geniuses than, let's say, paid "Opinion" columns by so-called "professional journalists" for the NYT or the Washington Pest. For example, no one gets paid (or even "edited"; "p" not "l") so far as I know, for contributing an "opinion" to the Huffington Pest ... Long live "free" speech (free indeed).

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BTW, Remember the old "Dubya" joke?

Dubya is in Paris with Tony "the Poodle" Blair. They are in the city of light to attend a heavyweight economic conference. Dubya, moving his index finger, calls "the Poodle" to his side. The Yankee (sorry, I meant Texan) whispers into the Brit's ear: "Hey, Tony, what do you think of 'em frogs? They know beans about business, about our great free enterprise system. You know what, Tony? They don't even have a word in French for entreprenoooor."

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