Monday, November 14, 2016

Reflections on the American Devolution

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Reflections on the American Devolution -- the so-called USA prez "election"

1. Who won the election? The Electoral College (what the f---k) is that? ...

2. Who cares about The Erection? Viagra. (Ask your local pharmacist for professional advice).

3. The strung-out "working class" -- Let it gobble (Google?) shit-burgers or a pukin' (as in "vomit" [see]) breakfast at McDonald's/consume the incessant "info-porno" (junk news?) on the internet. Meanwhile, you lazy car production a-----es from Detroit, "you're fired."

4. Ok, sign up at "Trump Tower" Panic-center to spare you of Hispanics" -- Send 'em back wherever, everywhere they came from, with our president-elect Trump (of German-American ancestry, with a non-'Merikan born spouse -- no, I won't use the "K" word re Trump's family background, which he claimed was Swedish) leading the way, yes, with an 'Merikan flag (I forgot to mention -- before the Wall will be built) ...

5.  As for "blacks" (the no-no "N" word vs. weeh! "whites" in the USA) -- time to watch "Gone with the Wind"?

6. Make America grate again. ...

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If “Did Not Vote” Had Been A Candidate In The 2016 US Presidential Election, It Would Have Won By a Landslide; via NC on Facebook

Map created by reddit user Taillesskangaru using 270 To Win 

The map above shows what the 2016 US Presidential Election results would have been if votes not cast for Hillary, Trump or one of the third party candidates had gone to fictional candidate “Did Not Vote.”
Only 6 states + Washington DC, had high enough voter turnouts where one of the actual candidates won more votes than people who did not to vote. Iowa and Wisconsin for Trump and Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire and DC for Clinton.
A few other 2016 election facts for you:
  • As a percentage of eligible voters, Clinton received 26.27% (60,839,922) of all votes compared to Trump’s 26.02% (60,265,858) and Did Not Vote’s 43.1% (110,450,842).
  • Total voter turnout was estimated to be 56.9%.
  • It is the 5th election since 1820 when the winner of the popular vote lost the presidency (the others being 1824, 1876, 1888, and 2000)
  • Donald Trump received 667,646 fewer votes than Romney did in 2012, but Hilary Clinton received 5,075,873 fewer votes than Obama did in 2012.
  • Neither Candidate even won a majority of votes cast, Clinton got 47.8% vs Trump’s 47.3%.
  • As a percentage of the entire US population (including those too young or other ineligible to vote) Clinton got votes from 18.73% of the population and Trump got votes from 18.56% of people.
  • Washington DC is the only area in the country where a majority of all eligible voters (whether they voted or not) voted for Clinton (90% of voters, voted for Clinton on a 55.7% turnout). In the other 6 states listed above, victories were simple pluralities.

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