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About Russia Matters

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Russia Matters is a project launched in 2016 by Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and made possible with support from Carnegie Corporation of New York.
The project’s main aim is to improve the understanding of Russia and the U.S.-Russian relationship among America’s policymakers and concerned public. It does so by showcasing the best expertise on Russia and its relationships with the rest of the world by providing top-notch analysisrelevant factual data and related digests of news and analysis. Initially, the project’s contributors and institutional partners will be primarily U.S.-based and its main platform for pursuing its goals will be this website.
The specific aims of Russia Matters are to help:
  • U.S. policymakers and the general public gain a better understand­ing of why and how Russia matters to the United States now and in the foresee­able future and what drivers propel the two countries’ policies in areas of mutual concern;
  • Ensure that U.S. policies toward Russia are conducive to the advancement of long-term U.S. vital national interests, but that they also improve cooperation in areas where interests converge and mitigate friction in areas of divergence;
  • Foster a new generation of Russia experts.
Russia Matters likewise endeavors to build bridges between academe and the policymaking community.
It is our sincere hope that this endeavor will help advance a viable, analytically rigorous U.S. policy on Russia guided by realism, verifiable facts and national interests without sacrificing opportunities for bilateral cooperation.
The project team includes:
  • Graham Allison, Principal Investigator
  • Simon Saradzhyan, Director
  • Natasha Yefimova-Trilling, Editor
  • Angelina Flood, Web Coordinator / Editorial Assistant
  • Rotating student associates
Past student associates have included:
  • Andrew Gellerman, Boston University

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