Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Report: Jesuit Universities And Faculty Working Conditions


There are over 218,000 students and 20,000 faculty members who study and work at 28 Jesuit institutions across the United States, including some of our nation’s most prestigious universities.
While Jesuit institutions strive to promote social justice, the every day reality is that many Jesuit colleges and universities have moved towards a corporate model in higher education that has lead to a dramatic shift away from investment in educators and affordable, accessible college education.
This report chronicles the Jesuit college and university faculty perspective and how a crisis in higher education is undermining the Jesuit tradition.

Faculty Forward Network

The Faculty Forward Network unites full and part-time faculty, students, and allies in the fight against the corporatization of higher education and to remedy the disparities in higher education. At Jesuit schools, the Faculty Forward Network is coordinating actions across the country, raising awareness of the crises in Jesuit higher education, and holding administrators accountable to the social justice mission of Jesuit higher education.

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