Friday, April 11, 2014

Coke vs. Kefir; McDonald's vs. Black Bread

As I reflect (too strong a word, for a former State Department functionary concerned where the Congressman would get through customs at Sheremetevo airport) upon the sad state of Russian-American relations today, I cannot help but think of lasting "cultural" (how I hate the overused word) differences between our two countries, which both share the privilege (shared identity?) of being geographical extremities of Europe -- one (Russia) by land space; the other (America) by oceans.

How I regret meaningless "civilizational statements"! But, still, bring back Gibbon.

Doubtless, Coke/McDonald's has a universal appeal, thanks to the marketing genius of its globalized investor/promoter/managers (not limited, of course, to the Bush II "homeland).

And Google -- need I point out -- so universal, is the genius of a Russian emigre..

More: Young Russians are still enthused by "eating" Western junk-food style. Next, Alka-Seltzer (doubtless, it's already there).

But, still, in Russia, some will prefer kefir to Coke, black bread to McD's clown non-bread.

I bet some younger, Western-oriented Russians -- savvy as they are -- might not disagree with me, if only for the sake of being polite.

Well, ok, black bread is for babushka.

I give up.

So should Putin be in Crimea? For black bread?

Just a thought.

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