Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Annex Detroit!

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has it not quite right in taking over Crimea (or other pre-21st century- defined areas in the space now occupied by the artist formerly known as the Soviet Union), without the consent of most of the international community.

He should think big, I mean really big. He should annex Detroit, another post-imperial, Cold War basket case!

Forget Alaska! Not enough russkii narod (Russians) there. Sarah P. took care of them :)

But please, as I genuflect with devotion and humility before the aspiring Emperor of the All-Slavic-Lands: please don't send a Zimmernann-like telegram to our dear neighbor Mexico ...

This thought occurred to me as I looked at the below:

Above image from; below image from (with banner saying "Ukraine for Russians": DCh on Facebook (JB comment: give the poor guy another glass of vodka or a visa to post-industrial America.)

P.S. Of course the person posting this entry is an American imperialist. Imperialists of the Weird Unite~!

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