Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review: "It's junk," decrees Hotmail computer-tsars

For persons interested in how hotmail "selects" what to consider "junk mail," allow me to note that the most recent edition of my harmless "Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review" (PDBR, sent to email subscribers via buzzfeed) was relegated (today, March 29 -- not for the first time) to being "junk" by the hotmail computers-power-that-be which, evidently, rule (censor?) the so-called "internet freedom" space. For my sins I have a hotmail account, or so it appears.

Of course, efforts to reach "hotmail" staff (are there any real persons "behind" the computers?) have been fruitless. In our era of "endless connectivity," reaching those, if they are human, who peddle this mirage of universal groovy communications are, perhaps, hidden (if they exist) somewhere in a cloud, perhaps out of fear of being exposed of accusations of censorship.

So, if you are kind enough to be a hotmail email subscriber to the near-daily PDPBR, and are still interested in receiving it by email on a regular basis, may I suggest that you check your "junk mail" after 5:15 pm.

Real good junk, I assure you :). No needle needed to enjoy it free of charge!

And its being "forbidden" will, doubtless, be much more fun than it actually is.

Best wishes, John

P.S. Meanwhile again, I keep getting, in my "serious" hotmail account, emails from unknown persons suggesting that I've inherited millions, must help the undefined destitute, etc.

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