Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More on black-white relations in the USA

The Hero Who Rescued Three Kidnapped Women in Cleveland Is Hilarious [Video] - "Charles Ramsey, a black man who helped rescue three missing Cleveland women from the house where they'd been held captive for a decade, is more than just a good Samaritan and hero: He's also an amazing interview. (And even better on the phone with 911.)"

This video, may I suggest, should be especially interesting to teachers of American English overseas -- as an illustration of this language's diversity, elasticity and constant reinvention.

May I note that, in my view, American English is a sponge, not a standard. It constantly remakes itself -- in the best spirit of America.

Most important, if news reports are right, thank God that in the USA we have people like Charles Ramsey.

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