Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cicadas vs. Stink-bugs

As a constantly amazed/stunned (and grateful for being an American) citizen in the imperial capital in the world's most exceptional country, I wonder what the -- soon to be expected -- "emergence" of millions of cicadas in Washington D.C. will do.

Among other questions, what will this C-invasion do to the stink bugs population

that has quite recently invaded the inside-the-beltway (not to speak of other parts of the United States of Amnesia, as Gore Vidal perhaps too harshly characterized our exceptional country)?

Will the cicadas devour the stink bugs, or the stink bugs the cicadas? 

I guess that's a Darwinian-like reflection on the wonders of nature that pertain to the "partisan debate" in our wondrous Republic. 

On which bug -- dare I say Democratic or Republican  -- can we depend to "represent"/"protect" us, before they, conceivably, eat each other up?

Meanwhile, I read on the cicadas that these noisy insects can be eaten. As for the stink-bugs, maybe they can be eaten, in these hard economic times, instead of flushing them down the toilet.

Maybe, also, the whole issue can be settled by a well-organized a Cicada/stink-bug burger foodie campaign?

Memo to dear experts in bug-science: 

Could you please enlighten laypersons on this matter re cicadas/stink-bugs (or a mixture of both produced by a handy homefood processor) being a health food, as an alternative to junk food?

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Paul Rockower said...

gastrodiplomacy?? Maybe if we deep fry the suckers and send them abroad at intl food fairs?

John Brown said...

Paul -- Maybe promoting USA-all-the-way cicada/stink bug food fairs abroad is better for our national "image" than parachuting Congressional delegations (with all due respect to our esteemed legislators) in other countries ... Best, John